Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love is Love

 Valentine's Day in Mrs. Ortner's room is an exciting time. We started by reading Valentine Bears by the amazing Jan Brett. We cut out hearts and wrote I love sentences both simple and complex (a 1st grade standard). We learned a sign language song called L-O-V-E Spells Love.  For math, we used the candy hearts with messages written on them to sort by color, create a graph and then use the information from the graph to tell about our candies.  You must hold off on eating any of the candy hearts because it will skew your data, a concept mostly lost on my little charges.  But if they can hold off they will be able to eat all of the candy once their graph is complete.  Not an easy feat! Finally the day ends with a party complete with the passing out of valentines, eating treats both sweet and healthy, parent volunteers, and most importantly, squeals and giggles.  It is such a fun day to celebrate love.  The kind of love that is pure in the 6 year old heart that will hold the hand of their classmate just because they have a plan to play together at recess.  The kind of love for yourself that comes from being able to read your own valentines for the first time ever.  The kind of love that as a teacher I hold for my precious charges whose faces light up as they read each valentine. The kind of love that every childhood should be filled with because that is how they were designed, how we are all designed, to give and receive pure love freely.  It is never so abundant as it is on February 14th in room 105.

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