Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Sometimes it drives me crazy that on top of making sure my little charges reach benchmark academically, for some reason I am expected to provide them with gift making opportunities.  Thus the Hallmark title.  Grump grump! I'm about $60 into our gingerbread houses (no graham crackers here!), Christmas tree magnets, Shrinky Dinks (I still have mine Alli from our kindergarten year!), beaded candy canes, and Polar Express Santa bells, but I don't really care.  Now that I'm into the week and I hear the little squeals and see the grins that come along with making Mom's present it's worth every penny, every minute standing over the oven baking, every bit of glue from the magnets I peel off of my fingers.  Look how cute they turned out!  Abby asked me today if my job is fun.  What do you think?

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  1. I don't have my shrinky dinks but I do have a little red bell ornament you gave me years and years and years ago. It hangs on my tree every single year!

    I think this part of your job is so important to children, but at the same time it would drive me nuts, too. This is the part I would have to force myself to do! (for shame, I know). I would much rather read them books! :D

    The little trees are adorable and such a great idea, Debbie!